Some tenant issues are not easily resolved and can seriously threaten your enjoyment of your home, or your ability to remain in the property. Unfortunately not all landlords act honourably. LegalRoad has an excellent track record of having assisted tenants with issues pertaining to unlawful eviction, harassment, breach of the tenancy deposit scheme, discrimination, disrepairs, breach of licencing requirements and injury or illness through the landlord’s negligence.

Rent Repayment Order

If your landlord has breached A ‘Specified Offence’ under the housing and planning act 2016 then you could be awarded a rent repayment order of up to a maximum of 12 times the value of your monthly rent

 A specified offence includes –

  • Failure to comply with an improvement notice
  • Control or management of unlicensed house in multiple occupation (HMO)
  • Control or management of unlicensed house
  • Eviction or harassment of occupiers
  • Failure to comply with prohibition order
  • Violence for securing entry
  • Breach of banning order


We have a 99% success rate of winning our clients thousands of pounds with their rent repayment order applications. If you think you have a claim for a rent repayment order we may be able to offer you our no win no fee guarantee.

Call us now for a free telephone conversation on 01932 808592 or visit us at rentrepaymentorder.co.uk to check out our five star reviews.

Deposit Dispute

Has your tenancy deposit been lawfully secured and have you been provided with the required ‘prescribed information’ as to the security of your deposit, both within 30-days of you paying the deposit?

If you are a tenant of an assured shorthold tenancy simply call the authorised agencies below to confirm whether your private landlord has secured your tenancy deposit;

  • The Deposit Protection Service 0330 303 0030
  • My Deposits 0344 980 0290
  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme 0300 037 1000


If you discover your landlord has failed to secure your tenancy deposit with any one of these 3 agencies, or has failed to provide you with the required ‘prescribed information’ as to the security of your deposit, or has failed to achieve either of these two statutory requirements within the time limit of 30-days from the date you paid the deposit you could receive compensation up to 3 times the value of your deposit.

Call us now on 01932 808592 for a free telephone conversation as to whether we will be able to proceed with a no win no fee claim on your behalf, or visit us at depositdispute.com to find out more and to check out our five-star TrustPilot reviews.

We have a 99% success rate of winning our clients thousands of pounds with their Deposit Dispute claims.

Landlord Harassment

Harassment can be anything a landlord does or fails to do, to unlawfully force you to leave the property or where to make you feel unsafe in your property.

It’s a crime for your landlord to harass you or try to force you to leave your property without using the correct processes. If this occurs then you may have a right to claim a rent repayment order or damages via the courts. Examples of harassment can include –

  • Withholding keys to the property
  • Refusing to carry out repairs
  • Stopping services like water and electricity
  • Anti-social behaviour by a landlord or his agent where such behaviour is likely to cause you distress and to potentially to vacate the property
  • Threats of physical violence and actual physical violence


A landlord may be guilty of illegal eviction if –

  • The landlord fails to provide you with lawful notice to vacate the property
  • The landlord changes the locks of the property whilst you remain in occupation and without a court order
  • You are evicted without a court order


If your landlord’s property is repossessed by the mortgage lender, then the lender is required to provide you with a lawful notice period to enable you to find alternative accommodation.

How can we help?

A Pre-Action Letter of Warning to the Landlord:

If your landlord is harassing you or attempting to unlawfully evict you then LegalRoad can help. For a fixed fee of £250.00 (excl. VAT), we will draft and send a letter to the landlord setting out the current laws on harassment and eviction. Our letter will establish the landlord’s breach of the law, the subsequent civil and criminal penalties the court can impose upon the landlord, and provide notice to immediately cease all further harassment and or any attempts to unlawfully evict you from the property. Failing which, our letter will set out your intention to immediately approach the courts for an urgent injunction to order the landlord to directly cease any desist all further harassment. Once the court has made an injunction against the landlord, it is then a criminal offence for the landlord to breach this court order and can result in the landlord being criminally prosecuted and imprisoned.

An Urgent Court injunction:

If your landlord has already taken serious steps to unlawfully evict or continues to harass you after our Pre-Action Letter then one of our consultant housing solicitors can help. For a fixed fee of £800.00 (excl. VAT), our consultant can urgently draft all your legal documentation and immediately lodge an urgent injunction at the county court to request the court make an urgent order (normally within 3 working days) for the landlord to immediately stop harassing you and or any further attempts to evict you from the property. You will be represented by a duly qualified barrister at the hearing who will also request for the court to award you all your legal fees for this action. Costs are normally awarded in favour of the winning party but are entirely at the discretion of the court. This fee is inclusive of all work undertaken up to the completion of the 1st hearing. The fee excludes any court fees. Court fees range from £308.00 to £528.00 depending upon which category of court the injunction is lodged. You may not have to pay a fee, or you may get some money off if you receive certain benefits or are on a low income.

Compensation for You

If we can factually establish your landlord has unlawfully harassed you or evicted you or attempted to evict you, then LegalRoad would consider taking on your claim for statutory compensation on a no win no fee basis. We will then make an application on your behalf for the landlord to pay you a rent repayment order of up to a maximum of 12 times the value of your monthly rent.

For more information on rent repayment orders and to check out our five star TrustPilot reviews go to rentrepaymentorder.co.uk.

If you think you’re being harassed or threatened with illegal eviction, or the property you rent is being repossessed then visit landlordharassment.com for further information or call us on 01932 808592 for a free initial telephone conversation.


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