SME Services

Each year successful SME leaders invest a substantial part of their company income to ensure their businesses are lawfully and safely attaining objectives. However, SME businesses have a difficult time juggling their budgets with the sourcing of reliable quality legal support for all their regulatory & compliance matters, business administration & employee issues and disputes & litigation, as well as to address disruptive forces directly effecting the business.

LegalRoad’s assists SMEs’ with an outsourced phased-in approach for all their legal needs to assist a fledgling business to safely develop into a medium size enterprise. As a fledgling business our legal support is initially offered on an exclusively ad hock basis to cover the business set up, compliance & regulatory requirements, company administration & infrastructure demands, as well as any dispute resolution. As the business becomes more profitable and legal demands ascend; LegalRoad can provide SMEs’ with an ongoing outsourced legal consulting service on a weekly or monthly basis where our consultants work more directly with the business for its strategic development and special projects. LegalRoad can assist SMEs’ to –

  1. Direct and implement a legal strategy to safe guard immediate business and legal threats as well as emerging disruptors for the company.
  2. Evaluate the current internal business infrastructure to ensure its compatibility with the company’s objectives and to clearly define the legal expertise required along with an annual budget to deliver either an in-house or outsourced ‘virtual’ legal model to manage the legal requirements of the company while also being able to tackle new business challenges.
  3. Implement best practices for internal talent management and sourcing, and for selecting external legal counsel and vendors.
  4. Provide reliable access to our specialist portfolio of legal experts to ensure the best quality and value trade off.
  5. Identify and invest in technology platforms to improve and automate the businesses legal processes, as well as deliver quality, save time and reduce costs.

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How we make a difference?

LegalRoad develops an in-depth understanding of our client’s business to maintain a beneficial long-term relationship that delivers cost effective and tailor-made legal services. Through our tried and tested portfolio of premium business and commercial lawyers LegalRoad is able to quickly develop a handpicked team of professional legal advisors to meet all of your bespoke business needs and thereby contribute to your success through an innovative, professional and pro-active legal service. We work hard to understand your business and your organisation structure, as well as your commercial objectives to ensure we provide you with the best legal solutions with added value and a positive impact.

Our flexible solution

Our specialist portfolio of lawyers can work with your business on-site or on a virtual (on-call) basis via a range of flexible financial models. On-site, our lawyers work as part of your team where for example, they may cover a maternity leave or add an extra in-house team member to alleviate additional workload. Whilst our ‘virtual’ model provides your business with immediate access to our efficient portfolio of offsite lawyers to assist when a project or matter for various reasons may not be accomplished in-house and our lawyers have the expertise, time and tools to do it right and rapidly.


A core benefit of working with LegalRoad is that we can combine the commercial and flexible approach of an in-house lawyer with the solid support and quality essence of a proficient law firm.


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