Living Will

Supporting Form Information

This form has not been developed for your bespoke needs. Specific circumstances may require different terms. While we do our utmost to ensure the form’s legitimacy, it may be likely that you will need to adapt the form to best suite your legal requirements. We urge you to seek independent legal advice when doing so.

Mental Capacity & Understanding

Consider whether the Testator is mentally capable of understanding what is to be affected when executing the deed and in particular, whether he/she is able to understand the consequences of the Living Will.

This Living Will is for use as an advance directive if a time comes when the Testator is no longer able to take part in decisions as to his/ her future medical care and treatment with no reasonable prospect of recovering from a physical illness or impairment.

This document is to be signed by you and someone chosen by you to act as your “proxy” to produce your living will when you are unable to and to ensure your wishes are followed.

£30.00 (incl VAT)

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