General Power Of Attorney Given By A Minor

Preliminary Matters

 This is a general power of attorney to be used for a minor. In England and Wales and in Northern Ireland a minor is a person under the age of 18; in Scotland that age is 16.

Mental Capacity & Understanding

Consider whether the Donor is mentally capable of understanding what is to be effected when executing the deed and in particular, whether he is able to understand that:

  • the Attorney could assume (complete) control over the donor’s property and affairs; and
  • the Attorney could do (almost) anything which the donor could have done personally

The contract provides supporting guidance which is numerically referenced to the contract in relation to specific clauses. The correlating information for each reference number can be matched to the information provided within the supporting general guidance document. The customer can then consider the advice to either apply or delete from the contract, depending upon the particular requirements prior to signature. We therefore suggest that the customer save a copy of the original contract for any further reference purposes.

This contract has not been developed for your bespoke needs. Specific circumstances may require different terms. While we do our utmost to ensure the contract’s legitimacy, it may be likely that you will need to adapt the contract to best suite your legal requirements. We urge you to seek independent legal advice when doing so.

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