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LegalRoad offers a diverse range of Will writing services depending upon whether the Client considers his Will to be rather straight forward to record and execute upon his death, or whether the Client wishes to amend an existing Will, or whether the Client’s estate has a high monetary value with a diverse range of assets, extensive details as to his bequeaths to his beneficiaries and potential IHT consequences for his Estate planning, upon his passing.

Your last Will and Testament is a legal written document that concisely sets out what, where, to whom and how you wish your property and possessions (known as your ‘estate’) to be distributed upon your death.

Will Complexity

If your Will requirements are straight forward and can be completed by you then download our comprehensive Will form complete with detailed guidance document from our online shop for only £25.00.

If you require our specialist legal advice to assist you with the rewriting go your Will with the addition and removal of clauses to suit your wishes or for a codicil then we can assist you where our fixed fee options start from as little as £150.00

If you require our specialist legal advice to assist you with the writing of a new will then depending upon your needs, we can assist you where our fixed fee options start from as little as £300.00

What is an executor and how do I appoint one?

As a minimum one executor of your choice is required to be appointed to administer your will. The executor is legally responsible for managing your estate to ensure your will is followed precisely to its conclusion. Some people choose to use a trusted friend, a family member or the solicitor who drafted their will. Ideally, as a second layer of protection, it is advisable to appoint at least two executors to oversee this key aspect of Estate planning.

By making a Will you can legally provide for other provisions such as –

  • Your particular funeral wishes setting out whether you wish to be cremated or buried and any specific requests as to a ceremony.
  • What you wish to happen to your property or possessions should your named beneficiaries die before you.
  • Ensuring your spouse or partner receives all your possessions. This wish must be clearly stipulated within your will to avoid any potential disputes or challenges.
  • Your specific bequests for heirlooms, jewellery or artwork.
  • Your bequests for any charitable donations.
  • Appointing a legal guardian for any children who are minors (classified as aged under 18) at the time of your death. The Will can also specify for the guardian to manage any inheritance your children may receive until they reach their majority or a specified age.
  • Appointing those you wish to manage any specific part of your estate.

It is essential for you to have a valid Will in place prior to your death to ensure all your wishes and your estate is distributed in accordance with all your requirements.

What if I die without a Will?

People who die without a valid Will are known to die ‘intestate’. The term also relates to a Will which only specifies actions for part of the Estate and the remaining provisions are then declared ‘intestate’.

In order for your Will to be legally binding, it needs to be properly witnessed and signed. We advise you to discuss all your requirements with a legal professional to ensure everything is as you wish.

A concise Will may also help your family avoid a lengthy probate process. The clearer your wishes, the simpler and swifter the process will be.

You can also use your Will to disinherit any individual you do not wish to benefit from your death, with clear specification as to why you have done this.

Any new Will and testament you make supersedes any previous versions and, once signed, revokes the contents of such.

Your last Will and testament has no legal authority prior to your death.

How we can help.

Our team of lawyers specialise in the bespoke drafting of Last Wills and Testaments for our clients. We can help you to ensure that you have comprehensively assessed your Estate and concisely set down all your desires pertaining to the administration of your Estate and your beneficiaries.

We offer our full bespoke Will writing service where our fixed fee starts for as little as £300.00.*

If you should have any questions about your Will please contact us to discuss your requirements and to get free advice as to your recommended next steps from our specialist client services team by calling 01932 808592.

* Our prices exclude VAT


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