General Power Of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney, or also known as an Ordinary Power of Attorney must be drafted while you have the mental capacity to make your own decisions. This will ensure your personal choices as to your financial affairs remains valid if for any reason you are unable to act in your own personal capacity.

LegalRoad offers a diverse range of General Power of Attorney writing services depending upon whether the requirements are straight forward, or more specific where we can provide you with our specialist legal advice and assistance to achieving these more complex goals.

Services We Offer

If your General Power of Attorney requirements are straight forward and can be completed by you then download from our selection of forms for only £4.99*.

If you require our specialist legal advice to assist you with more complex needs for you General Power Of Attorney then we can assist you with our specialist advice where our fixed fee options start from as little as £150.00*.

What is a General Power Of Attorney?

A General Power of Attorney allows one or more persons of your choice known as your attorney to make decisions, including financial choices, on your behalf.  Such a document is particularly suitable if you –
  • Need a person to act for your affairs for a temporary period, for example during a hospital stay or a holiday
  • Want someone to act on your behalf while you are also able to supervise their actions
  • Cannot always get out and about to perform your day to day business with the bank or the post office
  • Want someone to access your bank account on your behalf

You can limit the power you give your attorney so that they can only deal with certain assets, for example, your home but not your bank account. A General Power of Attorney may be revoked by you at your will and at any time and is only valid while you have the mental capacity to make your own decisions. If you want someone to be able to act on your behalf if there should come a time when you no longer have the mental capacity to make your own decisions, then you should consider setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Legal Road is able to offer you quick and affordable access to a downloadable General Power of Attorney drafted by our senior lawyer at a cost of £4.99*. This document provides you with all the essential details and written on the style lawfully required within a power of attorney and is supplied with clear instructions and guidance detailing what information you need to add or remove depending on your own specifications.

*prices exclude VAT


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