Life Estate and Wills

Life, Estates and Wills pertains to how you may wish to live your life and your wishes when you die.

If you are considering setting up a Power of Attorney or making a Will, then we can help you to provide the best possible legal advice to help you achieve these wishes.

Your personal estate pertains to all of your assets, including your money, property, possessions and investments. Making a Will is the best way to be certain your wishes with regard to your Estate and loved ones will be met after you die.

Whilst you are alive it is important to consider as may be applicable any additional assistance you may require for the administration of your health, welfare and financial affairs via a General Power of Attorney and whilst you retain the mental capacity to do so, or  via a Lasting Power of Attorney if you should no longer have the required mental capacity or desire to take decisions on your own.

Last Will and Testament

Your Last Will and Testament is a legal written document that concisely sets out what, where, to whom and how you wish your property and possessions (known as your ‘estate’) to be distributed upon your death.

Living Wills

In the event you become ill and unable to make or communicate decisions for yourself then a Living Will, or also known as an Advance Decision, enables you to record any treatments you do not want to have. The Living Will to refuse treatment will only be used if you can’t make or communicate a decision for yourself.

General Power Of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney, or also known as an Ordinary Power of Attorney must be drafted while you have the mental capacity to make your own decisions. This will ensure your personal choices as to your financial affairs remains valid if for any reason you are unable to act in your own personal capacity.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is an instrument which provides someone you trust with the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf if you should lose mental capacity in the future, or if you should choose to no longer make decisions for yourself.

Administration Of Estates

Estate administration is the process of managing a person’s legal and tax affairs after they’ve died. This includes dealing with all of their assets such as personal possessions, property, bank accounts, investments and shares, and paying any applicable Income Tax and Inheritance and distributing the inheritance to the estate’s beneficiaries.


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