Legal Outsourcing Services

LegalRoad is a trusted strategic legal business adviser. We offer businesses access to a multifaceted portfolio of expert business & corporate legal consultants which can be ‘parachuted’ into your company, as and when needed, on an onsite or virtual basis to assist with all your legal, business, operational and compliance matters. All our consultants are qualified lawyers with profound corporate, small-to-medium enterprise (SME) and start-up experience.

Legalroad Focuses On Legal Expertise And Business Innovation.

LegalRoad understands that access to expert legal access is crucial for the overall strategic success of businesses and to address the ever-increasing commercial pressures from disruptive forces, while businesses simultaneously endeavour to contain costs.

The combination of Covid-19 and the commercial effects of disruptive forces are compelling leading executives, in every industry, to fundamentally rethink how their businesses operate with truly efficient and effective legal solutions with a move away from the traditional, cumbersome and expensive inhouse infrastructures to a more streamlined, progressive and affordable approach. Be that onsite or on a ‘virtual’ services basis. 

LegalRoad helps clients to drive this transformation through a highly collaborative legal approach between our consultants and your business to address the traditional business imperatives as well as the complex and evolving global environment to –

  • retain existing customers & finding new ones
  • hire & retain the best talent
  • strengthen the intersections between the law & technology

·       manage costs to help your business to become future-ready

What Are Disruptive Forces?

Whilst disruptive forces are altering every area of business and society, they are also generating opportunities for frontrunners who embrace these changes to transform their workforce as a tactical response to disruption. We have highlighted seven fundamental disruptive forces for entrepreneurs to consider and apply to their future growth strategies –

  1. Technology Intelligence:
    IT has exploded into the ‘Internet of things’ (IoT) to deliver more and more innovative ways of working and with it the need for all employees to be tech savvy.

  2. Information:
    The Internet has driven a gateway to masses of data as to its users. Coupled with analytics, this data has become the driving force for market leaders to unlock customer insights to foster growth and overwhelm competitors failing to do so.

  3. A “cyber-physical world”:
    IT developments, together the Internet, have further enhanced the automation of manual tasks to enable market leaders to efficiently use these platforms to run their businesses better, faster and cheaper, while keeping pace with consumers desires.

  4. Extended work life:
    Technological progress has provided the older workforce with new learning opportunities to embrace high tech mechanisms and ways of working to make career shifts and extend their work life span.

  5. Consulting is the new way of earning:
    Innumerable talented and specialised professionals have embraced the latest technological developments and the Internet to be their own bosses and consult to businesses for contractual and contingent work with improved productivity, speed and value for money.

  6. Virtual working:
    Covid-19 has proven this ‘virtual’ way of working where IT, together with the Internet, have exemplified that a multitude of online communication channels can enable businesses, employees and contractors with the opportunity and flexibility to work seamlessly together from any location of their choice, while remaining in instant contact with clients and colleagues from all four corners of the globe and without diluting the quality of the delivery. A combination of onsite and ‘virtual’ working has enabled market leaders to provide a better work-life for their employees while improving productivity, turnaround times and cost savings.

  7. Diversity:
    It is imperative for businesses to recognise the importance of inclusion and employee empowerment to encourage open dialogue and a consciousness for generational change.

Legalroad’s Disrupter Analysis

Workforce transformation is a partnership among all levels of management, human resources and outsourced professionals to develop a clear understanding of the future business strategy and embrace new ways of working including the combination of an onsite and ‘virtual’ workforce and workplace platforms. LegalRoad assists businesses to compile a ‘legal disruptive report’ to create synergy between your workforce, business strategy and disruptors. Our report considers –

  • A needs analysis to identify what must be done for the business to survive a disruptive future?
  • Whether the business is ready and able to quickly adapt to disruptive changes within the market place?
  • Whether the business has the right team in place to take the business strategy forward?
  • Whether the business incorporates innovation into the strategy which embraces the disruptors, while maintaining procedures?
  • Whether IT and Internet automation is being quickly and sufficiently integrated into the workplace to maximise productive, procedures and cost effectiveness whilst also retaining and motivating your best employees?

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