Residential Property Advice

LegalRoad assists both landlords and tenants in all aspects of residential law.

We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of residential property including:

  • Block & estate management
  • Enfranchisement – lease extensions, collective enfranchisement claims & the tenants right of first refusal
  • Freehold family homes
  • Investment property
  • Landlord & tenant matters
  • Leasehold or freehold property being bought off plan & new builds
  • Leases with & without a share of freehold
  • Mixed use buildings

We are experts within the landlord and tenant sector where statute has intervened to prevent occupiers losing their homes, to provide security and rent control, and impose obligations relating to the security of tenancy deposits and the condition of dwellings.

LegalRoad also advises clients as to how they can best navigate their way through the statutory provisions that specifically regulate the service of section 21 and section 8 notices.

Are you a landlord in need of a reliable AST agreement?

LegalRoad assists landlords to compile bespoke assured shorthold tenancy (AST) agreements to establish legitimate and reasonable contractual rights between the parties and to suite the landlord’s bespoke requirements.

Alternatively we offer landlords our more affordable and comprehensive 2018 complaint AST agreements which are instantly available to them online and in digital format.

For further information: Please visit our AST website

Are you a Landlord battling to evict your tenants?

LegalRoad offers landlords with a comprehensive eviction service including the service of a section 21 notice or a section 8 notice. We will draft and serve the required legal documentation on your tenant within 24 hours, instructing them to either vacate the property, or to pay all outstanding rent and then provide you with all follow on support to prepare and assist you with your claim for possession to obtain a court order.

If you are claiming rent arrears we will also seek a county court judgement against your tenant for non-payment of rent. If the tenant fails to vacate the property after the court order is granted; then we will instruct the High Court or County Court bailiffs who will then physically evict the tenants from the property

Are you a Tenant and your landlord has failed to refund your deposit or has failed to secure your deposit?

LegalRoad has a bespoke division called Deposit Dispute which specifically assist tenants under an AST in England and Wales to retrieve their deposits and receive compensation of up to three times the value of their deposit, when the landlord has failed to secure the deposit in accordance to the statutory tenancy deposit scheme.

For further information: Visit our Deposit Dispute website

Are you a Tenant and has your Landlord committed any of the following ‘specified offences’?

  • Failure to comply with an improvement notice
  • Control or management of unlicensed house in multiple occupation (HMO)
  • Control or management of unlicensed house
  • Eviction or harassment of occupiers
  • Failure to comply with prohibition order etc.
  • Violence for securing entry
  • Breach of banning order

LegalRoad can assist tenants to claim a rent repayment order of up 12-months’ rent paid when the landlord is in breach of a ‘specified offence’.

For further information: Visit our rent repayment order website

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Section 21 & Section 8

We offer a full eviction service including section 21 & section 8 notices. We draft and serve the legal documentation on your tenant instructing them to either vacate the property or pay outstanding rent. We provide all follow on support to assist you to obtain a court order for possession.

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Our legal consultants can advise you as to how you can best navigate your way through the statutory provisions that specifically regulate the service of a section 21 notice on a tenant under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.