Contracts For Individuals

Visit our LegalRoad contracts shop. We offer a range of ‘off the shelf’ agreements for a wide range of your personal legal requirements.

LegalRoad also offers our clients a bespoke contracting drafting service for any of your personal or business needs including –

  • A Power of Attorney
  • Lease and tenancy agreements
  • Debt and loan agreements

Legal Specialists

Other Client Services

Personal Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Our consultants can help you if you are facing personal insolvency. We will advise you on the procedures involved to help you deal with these issues and achieve the best result.

Personal Injury

Our consultants will seek to work with you on a no win no fee basis where possible for claims including accidents at work, road traffic accidents and clinical negligence.

Employment Advice

LegalRoad will provide you with practical employment advice on your current circumstances, future employment and when a difficult position arises with your employers.

Section 21 Notices (Tenant Eviction)

LegalRoad provides a transparent fee structure for tenant evictions under an assured shorthold tenancy, where most of these actions run to a standard process.

Residential Property Advice

As experts within this sector we assist both landlords and tenants on all issues including block and estate management, leases, freeholds and landlord and tenant matters.

Help with Trusts

LegalRoad advises on all aspects of trust and personal tax law for both domestic and offshore investments. This includes tax planning, trust creation and trust management.