Start Ups

Our start up business advisory team includes practiced business lawyers and veteran start up business experts to provide solid legal advice, sound entrepreneurial judgement and commercial ‘know how’ for early stage businesses.

The early start up stage of a business is extremely challenging and the time when specialist legal advice and business support is most crucially required. This also happens to be the time when financial resources are at their most scarce.

LegalRoad understands the challenges of starting and scaling up a new business. Our primary goal is to provide you with the legal advice and support that you need to succeed on either a flexible and supportive fee arrangement or on a ‘sweat equity’ basis.

Flexible Fixed Fees

Our flexible fixed fee arrangements will provide your business with certainty and transparency over our costs and the flexibility to make payments over realistic timescales, where our fee agreements accommodate your cash flow challenges.

Sweat Equity Arrangements

We may be interested in becoming a partner with your business where we provide our legal, business and IT support in exchange for shares in your company. In this instance we would pre-agree the primary delivery that you would require from us and then split this up into a series of smaller deliveries where we would be paid in shares for our delivery at each of these smaller individual stages.

LegalRoad will provide your business with the best possible support to help you succeed:

  • You will deal directly with our senior legal & business directors
  • We will support you with fee arrangements that can accommodate your cash flow challenges
  • We will use our extensive network of business contacts to help you capitalise on funding & key man opportunities

Our team of specialist business and commercial lawyers, consultant solicitors and barristers can advise you on a broad range of legal matters, including:

  • Suitable business structure
  • Drafting shareholder agreements
  • Share schemes including EMI schemes & other tax support including SEIS/EIS & advance assurance applications
  • Contract formation & contract management
  • Grant of leases & sub-leases for commercial property
  • Employment & service contracts for executive directors, non-executive directors & employees
  • Standard employment policies including advice on HMRC compliant employee benefit packages, leave entitlements, minimum wage, part time & flexible working, pensions and incentive schemes
  • Business immigration compliance, licence & visa applications & renewals
  • Trademark & intellectual property issues
  • Private equity, venture capital & angel fundraising
  • IT including information system projects, e-commerce & risk management
  • Privacy & data protection, including GDPR compliance

Legal Specialists