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Information Technology

Information Technology

LegalRoad is always exploring ways to harness the commercial value of emerging technology within the online and mobile arenas. We work with a wide portfolio of technology companies and entrepreneurs from the technology development stage through to fruition, including all IP and regulation. Our experience covers –
  • Retail
    Our commercial law experience supports our media expertise within the retail sector for legal areas including commercial, competition, corporate, dispute resolution, IP, licensing and property.
  • Software Development Our legal team specialises in data protection, digital media, e-commerce and technology to ensure that we can provide the best holistic advice on all legal issues associated with software development.

Media Law

LegalRoad’s team of media specialists draw on many years of experience in the sector to assist media businesses in the exploitation and protection of their content on all platforms including –
  • Advertising, Marketing & PR Our team of lawyers and consultants are experienced within the advertising, marketing and PR sectors and provide advice on all legal aspects including commercial agreements, digital media, film and television, the internet and IPTV.
  • Film & TV
    From advising small independent film and programme makers through to large production companies and national television broadcasters; we can advise on all aspects of programme creation and production including film financing, production, post production or enforcement of IP.
  • Publishing
    With over 20 years expertise of working within the publishing sector we are well placed to advise our clients from traditional magazine publishing matters through to all aspects of digital publishing as well.

Legal Specialists

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Our legal experience supports clients within the online retail sector and includes commercial contracts, competition, corporate matters, dispute resolution, IP and licensing. Our legal expertise extends to software development and includes data protection, digital media and technology to ensure that our clients are provided with holistic advice on all legal issues associated with e-commerce and software development.


From 25 May 2018, all organisations that process personal information must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), whilst the new ePrivacy Regulation has brought changes to direct marketing rules and obligations for IT-based communications providers. Our legal consultants can guide clients as to the key changes of the new law and advise on the most important actions that your organisation should be taking in complying with GDPR.