Civil Litigation

LegalRoad will always set out the potential benefits of client entering into a form of alternative dispute resolution prior to considering any civil litigation proceedings with our civil litigation lawyers.

LegalRoad works with a portfolio of consultant solicitors and consultant barristers that are expert litigants within specific areas of law who are authorised to undertake ‘conduct of litigation’ and ‘rights of audience’.

With LegalRoad you will have all the ongoing support of us guiding you through the challenging and difficult process of litigation. We will ensure that the best possible consultants are selected to handle your matter and to fight your corner in court. Prior to commencing we will advise you of the anticipated legal process, the timings, agree your costs options and then provide you regular reviews and updates as to the progress of your matter. While our legal consultants oversee the judicial case management from the time of lodging the claim at court including interim matters, the trial and any post-trial applications for any appeals or enforcement orders.

Legal Specialists

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We work with claimants and defendants. Not all cases warrant the risks and costs of an injunction. We may seek to negotiate an out of court settlement by contractual undertakings.

Set Aside Judgement

We can help you if you are claimant with a default judgement which the defendant is seeking to set aside or a defendant needing to apply to set aside a default judgement.