LegalRoad has a portfolio of contract lawyers specialising in housing, commercial, business and personal contract. We understand how important a contract is and we will ensure your objectives are achieved and that you are well protected within the agreement. We have successfully assisted many companies, businesses and private individuals in the drafting of their contracts and to defend their rights via mediation, ADR and civil actions. It’s not surprising Legal Road has become the preferred choice for all contract matters.

Bespoke Contract Services

Contract law pertains to the requirements and rights of the parties under a contract. It governs the relationship, between the parties which could be individuals, companies or organisations and may pertain to the sale of products, the delivery of services or the interchange of interests or ownership.

 The contract must have a lawful purpose and is mostly self-regulatory. A contract is unique in that unless lawful certain exceptions apply, parties are free to agree to whatever terms they choose, this is known as the ‘freedom of contract’.

LegalRoad offers a bespoke contract drafting service. There are several reasons that our personalised service for your needs, including – 

1. Limitation of Liability – Individuals who choose to use a legal framework to assist in managing their business will automatically be limiting their liability simultaneously. Limiting ones liability also facilitates in resolving disputes, aids in you obtaining payment and protects valuable business assets.

There are some instances when the non-breaching party is allowed to terminate the entire contract and this voids the contract and alleviates the parties from any obligation. If the non-breaching party has already provided some benefit to the other party, he or she can also claim restitution.

2. Minimisation of Disputes or Problems – A contract can help to protect you in many different ways and one of them is minimising the extent of disputes or problems. If a dispute arises, a contract allows you the opportunity to mediate as a resolution to the problem first. If mediation fails, then the contract can be relied upon as a legally enforceable document supporting a legal action or debt recovery.

3. Enforceability – Contract law makes these agreements “enforceable” and contracts protect parties by assuring that the promises will be kept. The contract itself creates an obligation or duties to do and rules to follow by both parties and provides remedies in the event that performance fails.

4. Builds Trust & Provide Peace of Mind – A contract gives you and the client peace of mind because you know any transactions and work are protected. By putting a legal framework in place you are showing that as well as caring for your business, you also care about your clients; which builds trust.

5. Protection of Your Intellectual Property – Protecting your business and its assets is extremely important and this includes intellectual property (IP). Some people may believe that IP automatically goes from one party to the other through a service of goods transaction. This is incorrect. IP needs to be assigned through a contract in order to have full ownership and communicate how the intellectual property is to be used. It is a valuable part of your business and you need to ensure that it cannot be stolen or misused.

6. Manage Expectations – A contract will communicate all the necessary information the party needs to do business with you, so they understand what to expect. When you convey the terms and conditions of sale to a client you for example, you are managing their expectations.

7. Assist to Navigate the Law – It is tremendously common for businesses to fall foul of the law because they may not understand it, so a contract drafted by an expert will ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. A contract will allow you to navigate it correctly. Obviously there are contract templates available online, but unfortunately these will not reflect your business or furnish you with the full protection necessary to operate at optimal level in the commercial world.

Bespoke Business Agreements And Commercial Contracts

Our lawyers are proficient in all types of professional contracts ranging from shareholders, directors to employee business agreements through to complex commercial contracts such as sale & purchase, services, distribution and production bonds. We understand that your commercial interests need to be secured and our contracts need to be tailored to reflect the objectives of the parties and simultaneously contain your risk. Our commercial contracts are specialised for the relative industries and consider regulated markets, as well as cross-border and foreign law implications.

Our lawyers are experienced. They know what to expect and quickly identify what is likely to be an issue to forewarn you and provide you with optimal solutions. We also bring together professionals from different practices and jurisdictions to help us to provide you with expert input on a matter. This may be at the negotiation, contract management or at dispute stage.

Our contractual experience includes –

  • Advertising and sponsorship agreements
  • Agency, distribution and franchise arrangements
  • Collaboration and joint venture agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • e-commerce agreements and terms
  • IP and content licences
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Outsourcing
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Terms and conditions for goods and services (supply and purchase)

Bespoke Housing Contracts

LegalRoad is renowned for its expertise in the housing law sector. We have successfully assisted many landlords with a wide range of housing tenancy agreements within England and Wales. Our expertise includes an –

  • assured shorthold tenancy (AST)
  • excluded tenancy (lodging)
  • assured tenancy
  • non-assured tenancy
  • regulated tenancy
  • company let


Our housing lawyers can offer advice and assistance on all aspects of housing law from contract drafting through to serving notice on tenants and including dispute resolution and civil litigation.

Bespoke Personal Contracts

The main reason why a personal contract should be used is to prevent confusion and to ensure there is a written account of the agreement. A personal contract is more likely to encourage parties to act ethically and fulfil their contractual duties. A personal contract may be used for the sale, purchase, or exchange of personal property, or for cash or property loans. Personal contracts need to follow all the basic requirements for a valid contract in order to be enforceable under law.

Our lawyers can assist you to draft, review, edit or negotiate a legal agreement for the enforcement of a transaction. We can also help you to seek legal remedies in the event of a breach of a personal contract.